About SicNote

A notebook for entrepreneurs

Too many ideas that come and go before you manage to capture them down? Unorganized chaos in your mind? The answer is SicNote, a notebook that enables entrepreneurial-minded people to reach their full potential.

Structure for your thoughts

SicNote is more than just a notebook: it's your guide and assistant throughout your ideation process. We provide you with structure, frameworks, and guidance without limiting your creativity. 

Revolutionary SicNote process

The SicNote notebook is designed to serve as a guide to creativity and idea-reflection, funneling all your most ambitious ideas along the way. For this, you will find carefully designed process steps and tools inside the notebook.


Start your SicJourney from the beginning of the notebook, with intro pages full of tips on how to use SicNote at its fullest potential.

Step 1. Unlock

Once you are ready to get started you enter the Unlock phase, where SicTips for unlocking creativity await you. These will help you fill in the following pages, where your initial ideas can be written down, sketched, and evaluated.

Step 2. Incubate

Now you are ready to enter the next phase, Incubation, where you are guided through a framework that assists you to have a critical approach towards your idea. For further confirmation, the ask-a-friend feature enables you to receive direct feedback from your environment, which upon you can decide to continue the adventure or kill the idea.

Analyze & develop further

The pages at the back make space for extra frameworks, such as the business model canvas or our very own SicAnalysis, to further develop your successful ideas. 

The SicNote notebook helps you get inspired and keeps track of each idea you come up with. Designed to become a tangible archive of your successful entrepreneurial journey, SicNote will be your closest companion on the entrepreneurial rollercoaster.

Next step: succeed

Let SicNote guide you to success. The world is waiting for your ideas.

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