What's inside SicNote?

Step 1. Unlock

The first section of SicNote notebook helps you to unleash your creativity and unlock your potential. Get started with creativity games and tools and capture your ideas down.

Step 2. Incubate

Take your ideas to the next level with our incubation framework. Evaluate, validate, and develop your ideas further, and pick the most potential ones to continue with in the future.

Tips, tricks & tools

SicNote guides you through your ideation process with additional tips, tools, and guidelines. You'll also have loads of space to capture your thoughts freely.

Unlock, incubate, and develop your ideas with SicNote.

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Sic itur ad astra!

Our vision: "thus one journeys to the stars"

Grab a pen and SicNote, write down your ideas and concepts the world has been waiting for, and join us on the journey to the stars.

Sustainably produced

In order to promote sustainable consumption, we produce the notebooks patch by patch based on orders received. Therefore you'll receive your order approximately in 1-2 weeks. We will keep you updated during the process.

It's in your hands.

I don't use notebooks. I use SicNote. Honestly, this notebook has been the order that I needed in my chaos of ideas. I just love it (too much!)



Best notebook there is! Well structured, amazing additional info to help your thought process going! This is a notebook like you haven't seen before.


I love having all my ideas written down in one notebook. SicNote brings my unorganized flow of thoughts some much-needed structure without limiting my creativity or ideation process.


Something on your mind?

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